One thought on ““Charisma””

  1. lol I love you.

    My darling friend, I think you are well on your way to growing into your name 🙂 When I read all your hopes about who you want to become, all I can think is it’s already there! We can always grow more, yes… but I can already testify to so many things you mentioned. You’ve been so patient with me on more than one occasion, and we’ve hit a rough patch or two, but even in the darkest moments you showed me grace, and I think it also shines for everyone else. You are very forgiving, and have forgiven me even in times i don’t deserve it. But you don’t give in, either. What I mean by that, is you’re in tune with your values and you aren’t quick to sway from them and what you know is true. You are strong! And you are faithful. You’re an amazing woman.

    Anyways. I could go on, but I just thought I’d drop by a quick note of encouragement related to your name 🙂 Hope you don’t mind!
    Love you!

    Oh and just for the record, you DO inspire me! 😀 lol yes, even and especially through uncontrolled guffaws 😉 heehee


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