Pet Peeves!

5 thoughts on “Pet Peeves!”

  1. my pet peeves

    when people leave skid-marks in the toilet…*COUGH* *COUGH* 😛
    when people say they’re going to do something then don’t go through with it
    when people are late
    when i’m late
    when you’re with two other people and they talk about something that only they know about (i.e. private joke, dungeons and dragons, etc…) in front of you
    when people don’t pick up on social cues
    when things aren’t spaced properly or are off center
    when people are hypocrites
    when people use bad grammar
    when people take things too personally

    …when people tell other people all their pet peeves…oh wait…:P


  2. Good to see you writing, Charis. Just curious, do these pet peeves extend to animals? YOu know…when pets leave skid-marks, don’t pick up on social cues, are off center, etc.?


    1. Nah, I’ll give the animals a break. Except for those skid marks…Wait, I don’t mind the skid marks, so as long as the animals don’t make me clean up my skid marks, we’re fine 🙂


  3. Uh-oh…we’re going to have issues with a few of these. Perhaps I should print off that list or put it in my Droid for future reference…


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