Somebody Has to Say It: Patriotism

2 thoughts on “Somebody Has to Say It: Patriotism”

  1. Just a couple of quick notes.

    First, I think you’re missing the point of patriotism. Patriotism isn’t about waving a flag and dying for a name. It’s about supporting the people who live in a country. Friends, family, neightbors, church congregations, and the principles of freedom. By the same regard, people who are willing to serve their country, and die for their country if necessary, are doing so to protect their friends, family, neighbors etc. I’m not saying I support the pre-emptive war that has become common policy for the USA in the past 20-30 years, but I am patriotic.

    I know you. You care about your friends. You care about your family. You care about your freedoms, and you even wrote a blog about how you, as a woman, want respect. That is patriotism.


  2. Hi, Punkin.

    I would tend to agree with Cjromk. I think, maybe, the thing you object to iis nationalism, not patriotism.

    What follows comes from a Reformed Worship article written by Richard J. Mouw

    Healthy Patriotism

    There is a legitimate place for patriotic sentiments in the Christian life. Some Christians deny this, but they are usually focusing on patriotic excesses when they issue their condemnations.

    To be a “patriot” is to have affection for the “fatherland.” The explicit analogy to the parent-child relationship is a helpful one. It is a good and natural thing to love our parents. But our love has gotten out of bounds if we think our parents are literally the best parents in the whole world—so wonderful that everyone else also ought to value them as the world’s greatest parents.

    That’s the kind of out-of-bounds thinking that takes hold when nationalistic feelings get to be excessive. People start to think that their country—which they quite naturally have very affirmative feelings toward— is the best country in the world.

    Christians need to work hard at keeping patriotic feelings within proper bounds. There is nothing wrong with my loving my country simply because it is my country—just as I love my parents, simply because they are my parents. But this does not put my country beyond criticism.

    To honor our nation in a godly manner is to want it to contribute to the cause of Christ’s kingdom. To love our country with a Christian love is to want our nation to do justice and love mercy and walk in humility before the face of the Lord.


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