Diversity and Unity

One thought on “Diversity and Unity”

  1. Your sister’s Bible (!) teacher reminded his class, 2 days in a row, NOT to give anything to panhandlers because “they don’t need your help at all.” WHAT?! I’m trying to chalk up his comment to ignorance, but ignorance really is NO help (literally) here. I read nowhere that when Jesus fed the 5,000 he first checked out who was validly hunger and who was just trying to get a handout. Did he make sure that only those who work got food? Oh, wait…weren’t they shirking their work to come hear him speak? No wonder the disciples had so many baskets left over! Jesus probably didn’t really feed the 5,000…..that’s just the number that happened to be in the crowd. So, my question to the teacher, then, will be, if I get the opportunity, “If they don’t need my help, why are they panhandling? Or, if they don’t need my help, whose help do they need?” I know the answer. I’m going to hear “What they really need is Jesus.” Hm, I guess Jesus, instead of seeing who was gainfully employed, instead checked their party cards….are you for me or against me? Nope. I don’t think so. He checked to see if they were hungry! Ah me……and I say all this after passing a panhandler yesterday with a sign. “Laid off work. A wife and 2 daughters. Will work.” What did I do? Nothing. The plank in my own eye…..can somebody please get it off of me?


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