Remember, Remember

3 thoughts on “Remember, Remember”

  1. Our fear of losing jobs to foreigners is because we know that lots of immigrants will work for next to nothing…and almost everyone is willing to use and exploit them…so if our labor laws were more fair, maybe we wouldn’t be so scared.
    And I think by “foreigners” you mean illegal immigrants. Because any legal immigrant has just as much of a right to work here as you do. Someone not too far back in your family history was an immigrant to here. That’s the thing about the US…we were all immigrants at some point. Is it the skin color or how far back it was since migrating here that makes someone more or less American?
    One more thing: as soon as you know someone, put a face to a real story, those partially true statement about drug and sex trade may become altered. Yes, there is some truth to that, I’ll give you that. But to say that all immigrants are part of the drug or sex trade is ignorance.


    1. Okay, so if we agree on that, can we agree to talk less about immigrants as a whole and focus on the people? Their stories? Their struggles?
      Can we agree that group punishment is wrong and that justice should be on an individual basis? And then can we agree to stop putting all immigrants in the same category (legal and illegal)? I know that many people don’t actually mean or agree with the sweeping statements they say, but for the sake of the immigrants, I think we need to be careful how we phrase things.


  2. Hey, I’m no expert on the sex and drug trades, but think about where the money that support those industries is coming from. That is a whole other issue than immigration.

    I think that here in Sioux Center, the Mexican immigrants are the most resourceful people around. They embody American ideals better than we do, and a to deny them the opportunity to pursue happiness stands against our own declaration of independence. It’s not fair to withhold resources just because we feel a sense of entitlement. This land has enough to go around.

    As for the issue of illegal ones, I don’t think most of us understand how hard it is to get in legally. Here’s some perspective: it took my white, college-educated, middle-aged, married-to-an-American mother over six months and a lot of money to get her green card.

    I’m not saying I want us to open our borders to a giant influx of people, but the rules need improving.


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