My Journey With Makeup

3 thoughts on “My Journey With Makeup”

  1. I think you have always looked beautiful, and you definitely have one of the loveliest smiles I’ve ever seen. I enjoy seeing you wear a little makeup, because it seems like you have fun with it. I guess that is the key. Like you said, big difference between having a little change of pace, or feeling unacceptable without it.


  2. You always look good, part of that is your natural genes! Beautiful face structure and good skin go a long way 🙂 I used to not wear much makeup when my skin was really good, but not that it has some scarring, redness, and breakouts, I want to cover that. I’m insecure about bad skin, not about my face as a whole…I think half of makeup-wearing women fall into that same category and the other half are insecure about themselves entirely. But I have no science to back that up!


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