On Losing the Baby Weight

One thought on “On Losing the Baby Weight”

  1. Charis-
    I like what you wrote here. I think it’s unfair of moms to expect themselves to look like (or better than) they did before becoming pregnant. If you do, good for you, but if not, besides taking care of yourself and eating nutritious food and getting outdoors, I think moms should let that pressure go. I know I’m still in my 20s and maybe my tune will change (though I hope/pray it doesn’t) but I really don’t want to model insecurities to my children, to teach them that I don’t find myself beautiful because I’m a bit stretched out or carry weight differently or even worse, to harbour any resentment toward them for my body having changed due to pregnancy/childbirth. I want to be a mom who is confident and totally okay with rocking a “mom” body (but still is healthy) Besides, aren’t moms that much better to hug than a 20 yr old?
    PS: Remind me of this after #3 is born. This is all so much easier to say during pregnancy than after!

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