Postpartum Recovery (Physically)

8 thoughts on “Postpartum Recovery (Physically)”

  1. Healing from childbirth, whether natural or cesarean, brings so many unknowns. I’ve had four babies now and each recovery was different! It’s crazy how our bodies birth differently from child to child, too. My first three were natural but my fourth got stuck after full labor (on my due date!) and she ended up being my first c-section. Needless to say, it was quite a different recovery. 😉 Anyway, yeah, it’d be nice if more people shared about their recoveries instead of just the births.


    1. Wow! I would say you’re a pro, but you’re right, every birth and recovery is different, so it’s probably best not to get comfortable or assume you know everything already! Thanks for sharing 🙂


  2. Definitely, recovery (both physical changes and needs for rest and sleep) needs to be talked about much more. We had company over all throughout the weekend after Hadassah was born, even though the following week Jordan would be working long hours for corn harvest, and we also kept our commitment to help his sister in law and her husband move 2 days after Hadassah was born. None of us knew how utterly stupid that was. We were running on caffeine and adrenaline and as a result Hadassah was becoming dehydrated since I obviously wasn’t properly feeding her in those environments. Not to mention the burnout and horrible start to nursing that ensued.

    In some ways, despite differences in deliveries with subsequent children, I found some things do become easier, namely my own awareness of my need for rest and self-care. To know to be careful not to overdo it, to know better how to nurse and to be prepared for the bodily fluids and inevitable emotional roller coaster. To accept help or ask when it’s needed.


    1. I remember you telling me about after Hadassah was born! That sounds absolutely crazy! I could see how the physical recovery would be easier with subsequent births just because you know what to expect. Does the emotional roller coaster get any easier to ride?


  3. I was lucky enough to have had a c-section and VBAC (vaginal birth after c-section). Recovery is very different after each one. I also had mastitis twice with my first baby which was an experience in itself.


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