Graves’ Disease: My Symptoms and Diagnosis

4 thoughts on “Graves’ Disease: My Symptoms and Diagnosis”

  1. Nicely written, as usual 🙂

    On Thu, Jul 27, 2017 at 2:48 PM, A Little Charisma wrote:

    > cmgross posted: “This morning I went to the hospital to get some routine > blood work done and for some reason it hit me that this is my new normal. > There will never be a day that I don’t take some dose of Levothyroxine, and > routine blood work is now, well, routine. As I r” >


  2. Great story and glad you are doing better. I have had two cases of thyroiditis which causes hyperthyroidism so I can relate. Racing heart, no energy, irritable etc. luckily for me it was just a virus in of my thyroid.and after about 6 weeks of beta blockers all was back to normal. Prayers on your journey.


  3. Hi Charisma, I just found your blog. My daughter was just diagnosed with Graves’ disease!
    She has had most of the symptoms for years . Dr said she was a hard case to diagnose, the iodine uptake test and a low tsh and many physical and mental symptoms.
    She is having the radio active ablation this Friday ! Praying this will help her.
    She also suffers with chronic pain and we are hoping that it will also be better after her thyroid is under control.
    Did you have any pain before you were treated?
    Thank you for listening
    Now I will read more of you blogs


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